Album “… as a secret”

as a secret cd

Please find song fragments and lyrics from this album below.

1. Angel – Valda Mora Angel

2. An Innocent Soul – Skaidrite Kaldupe An Innocent Soul

3. The Secret – Zinta Serzante The Secret

4. Through the world someone is going – Janis Sirmbardis Through the world someone is going

5. The Course – Peteris Jurcins The Course

6. Seekers of God – Rudite Losane Seekers of God

7. Thanks To The God – Voldemars Jansons Thanks To The God

8. These Quiet Nights – Janis Sirmbardis These Quiet Nights

9. Float Away Wind – Harijs Heislers Float Away Wind

10. The Evening – Harijs Heislers The Evening

11. Roses most beautiful – Fricis Barda Roses most beautiful

12. Slieksni un griesti – Peteris Jurcins Slieksni un griesti

Music by Vilnis Punka.

Bonus track:

An Innocent Soul An Innocent Soul