Concert “as a secret” at Great Guild concerthall, Apr 25th

With this concert the group “S&G” releases his first music album “… as a secret.” This album is like a story about themselves, putting their hearts into songs. Songs cherished for many years, and right now members of the group wish to share with their loved ones, listeners and supporters as an expensive gift. “S&G” recognizes that they were as a secret to the audience and now it’s time to reveal it.

Will hear melodies with lyrics by the great Latvian poets as Fricis Barda, Peteris Jurcins, Skaidrite Kaldupe, Harijs Heislers, Valda Mora and others. Will feature compositions rich tones – as a deep philosophical content, songs full of enthusiasm and buoyancy, as well as lyrical and melodic ballads with light and romantic moods – sometimes even jazzy otherwise encouraging and sad harmonies.


Vilnis Punka – vocals, ac. guitar;

Iveta Kokorēviča – vocals;

Ilze Luhaera – vocals;

Māris Žagars – piano;

Edmunds Andersons – bass.