S&G are watching the sky


Anyone who has done repetitive work for a while, knows that it can incur painful work injuries. Therefore, doctors, as a preventative measure, prescribe rest in the fresh air and recommend activity change. “S&G” has been climbing over higher and lower thresholds for some time now, which has resulted in some kind of “back and neck stiffness”. Enough counting thresholds, time to unwind and prop up the head!
To stretch the tired back and stiff neck, and to draw new inspiration for further work, “S&G” decided together with our new friends – the chamber choir “Matejs” – to go for an educational and romantic journey through the galactic expanses. Thanks to Latvian astronomy enthusiasts from the StarSpace observatory, who are trying to make astronomy and star-gazing more accessible and fascinating to everyone interested, we will be able to listen to a lecture on the interesting topics in astronomy, in addition to looking through a real telescope. To make our adventure through the galactic expanses more comfortable the participants are invited to bring along some food, which will be served at a banquet table.
Looking forward to meeting you at the observatory “Kaltini” in Suntazu pagasts!

Time of event: May 29, starting from 20:30
Key person in case you get lost: Arnis Ginters (tel. +371 29120445)
Place: see map below.

View StarSpace observatorija Kaltiņi in a larger map