Band „Sliekšņi un Griesti” or S&G formed during summer of 2003. Team members are happy about this fateful meeting, which changed their lives… Group’s core and author of all songs is the composer Vilnis Punka. Songs of Vilnis with its spiritual fineness leaves nobody indifferent. Songs are full thoughts and words that everyday people can not tell one other, but should.

Group musicians, while here among us and experience the same living problems, as any at this time, have been able to rise above the commonness of this land and bring in each heart, something of the Divine. They make us think is there more important matters in this world than the Human Spirit and Soul …

During its existence “S&G”  has performed in churches, recreation centers, as well as various cultural and household activities. Musicians have performed  also in America – Los Angeles, during 2007. Each concert of “S&G” in Latvia or abroad becomes a memorable event as to themselves,  as to its listeners. During musical performances they turn every song into a touching message.